The Curious Hufflepuff
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Oh, hey! My name is Ben, Benjamin Icefoot! I'm in my Sixith year of Hogwarts, and I'm planning to become a magizoologist, if I can keep my grades up that is.

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Millions of Twilight fans, they cannot wait to see this, it’s almost heartbreaking because they don’t want it to be over. It’s a little bittersweet, isn’t it?”


That is the laughingly mad face of a man who can see the end in sight, but is not there yet.

No one hates twilight more than Robert Pattinson. NO ONE.

Explanations and Apologies- Ben and Elena


Elena smiled warmly and shook her head. “i don’t blame you, Ben. You do tend to keep your emotions bottled up.” She shrugged. “Some times they just come up. I don’t mind, Ben. ” She pulled her sweater tighter as she shivered from the wind. they would be fine. It was going to be fine between them. It had to be. She didn’t want to lose him again.

Ben shrugged his shoulders lightly, his blonde hair getting in his eyes slightly as he looked down at his feet. “Have to keep my emotions in check, but sometimes I just let go, I’m glad you were there though. I can’t imagine breaking down in front of say Draco, that could be awkward!” he said said with a forced chuckle, glancing over at Elena. “Are you cold? We could head back if you’d like.” he said calmly, looking at her with slight concern.

Explanations and Apologies- Ben and Elena


Elena smiled softly, shaking her head lightly. ” How about Hogsmeade? Haven’t been there in a while” She shrugged and smiled softly. “We could go and get cocoa or something.” Elena ran a hand through her hair nervously. “Or just walk around like we used to.”

Ben smiled and nodded slightly, “Both sound good to me, let’s walk over to Hogsmeade, I could really use a cocoa right now.” he said with a faint hint of a laugh, starting to walk along with Elena. The Hufflepuff sniffled a bit, rubbing his eyes, but he smiled as he tried to get rid of the tears in his eyes. “Sorry, don’t know what came over me.” he said, his eyes still showing hints that he was crying earlier.

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What's this rpg like ooc?

It’s pretty inviting, mostly just a lot of goofy chatting about things, we’re a very fun bunch, even if our characters are very emotional! ;D

Explanations and Apologies- Ben and Elena


Elena looked at him in surprise as he began to cry. She gently reach up and brushed away his tears . “hey hey hey… it’s alright, Ben…” She took a breath looking in his eyes softly. “Just because you’re tough doesn’t mean you are brave. trust me….” he really was the bravest. He had gone through so much, by himself. “You don’t realize it yet but you really are a brave, generous and loving man.” She hugged him tenderly before getting up. “come on… lets get out of here…”

Ben rolled his eyes and smiled back at Elena as she brushed away his tears, his hands on his knees respectfully. “Y-Yeah, right, brave.” he said with a bit of doubtfulness in his voice, but if Elena said so, then he’d believe her. To his surprise, Elena had brought him into a hug, which he returned, smiling warmly before standing up himself. “Okay, where do you feel like heading?” he asked, rubbing his neck.

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The warmth from the fire || Luna and Ben


Luna gave out a short laugh as she seated herself comfortably in front of the fire beside Ben, her hands on her lap. “Fire…water…air…earth…elements of nature just help people think. It’s a fact of life.” She said airily, watching the sparks come from the top of it and waving her hand in front of her face as the wind shifted and covered her with the smell of smoke. She coughed twice then giggled. “I saw the fire…looked interesting.” She replied and looked up at him innocently.

Ben looked over at Luna, part of his smile was hidden by his sleeve, he was grateful to have her around so much lately. “Not as interesting as you’d have liked, I guess, just boring old Ben.” he said in a quiet but lighthearted tone. His eyes turned back to the fire before him, feeling the warmth from the fire was nice, as the quiet crackling the broke through the silence was almost comforting.

The young Hufflepuff always liked the was a camp fire seemed to clear his mind, the calm atmosphere allowing him to sort out his thoughts and figure things out. It was like Luna just pointed out, elements of nature quite simply have a way of helping people think, and Icefoot was no exception to that fact. Ben glanced over at Luna, his kind smile still partially hidden behind his sleeve, he wanted to say something suave or interesting but of coarse nothing came to mind. Instead he gave Luna a shy chuckle and smile, before turning back to their impromptu camp fire.